Link love

I am lucky to count some pretty awesome writing women among my friends, and it just so happens that three of them have news to share.

Vicki Pettersson, urban fantasy writer extraordinaire, has a shiny new website here. If you’re one of those people who likes to wait for a series to be complete before you start it, it’s time to get reading. The final installment of her NYT Bestselling Signs of the Zodiac series will be out at the end of May. Vicki’s one of the most focussed writers I know, an inspiration to anyone who struggles to put her butt in a chair and get to work. She’s amazing.

The lovely Rose Holck, writer, librarian, parent, and talented cocktail mixer, is eagerly awaiting the release of her first book in March, called Leavenworth. I happen to know she has author copies in her hot little hands already, and I’m thrilled for her. Her new website is here.

And finally, today, a book deal announcement from my friend Linda Grimes, here. Like Vicki and Rose, Linda put aside the book she’d poured her heart and soul into learning the craft and wrote the one that got her a book deal. Tough choice to put aside a book you’ve spent years with, even temporarily, but it worked for these three. Something to think about…

Congrats on the new sites and the new books, ladies!