When good Photoshop goes bad

My husband’s a photographer, and since the big switch to digital, we get into a lot of conversations about the manipulation of images. His approach is simply to take good pictures and then enhance minimally to bring out what’s already there, much as film photographers have always done in the darkroom.

You can check out some of his work at www.martinchung.com. He’s booking well into 2010, so don’t wait too long if you need a wedding or portrait shoot this year. Here’s one of his shots:

There are those, however, who like to play a little fast and loose with “enhancement”. Maybe it’s just me, but are these not just a little too processed for comfort?

(And yes, apparently she’s for real.)


  1. Susan Adrian
    Mar 16, 2010


    Martin’s photo is *gorgeous*, though.

    • Kathy
      Mar 16, 2010

      I know! The woman on regretsy seems to have removed her etsy add, which is too bad, because there were several other examples. *g*

      That’s one of my favourites of Martin’s shots. The one you see on the homepage when you go to his site is another.

  2. A Novel Woman
    Mar 16, 2010

    She may have removed it but you can still visit the orginal website Faith Foto and check out the rest of her art. It’s a tad over the top for my taste. Just a tad.

    Kudos to Martin!

  3. Laura Best
    Mar 17, 2010

    Your husband’s photos are just beautiful, Kathy!

    The photo on that other site, however, was slightly disturbing.

    • Kathy
      Mar 18, 2010

      Thanks, Laura! I’ll tell him you said so.